Family and Friends 6 class book

Family and Friends 6 class book
Workbook unit 1 – 4
Look and Complete the sentences
the children were actors in a play last year when fin’s car
broke down they made new costumes for the performance
the children cleaned yp the river in the wildlife park later they were on tv
they did a first aid course then they helped a man who was in trouble
they watched a football match they had the best
مرحبا بعودتك welcome back
you’re back from your break in the sun and there’s lots of work in store.
.now it’s back to school once more
…you’re sad your holiday’s done
وحدة ثانية المغامرة الرياضية sports adventures
وحده الثالثه وقت المهرجان festival time…يقضى اكثر الناس في المهرجان
خارجا ويتناولون الغداء ويلعبون اطفالهم ويتسوقون ويشاهدون العروض ..
it’s festival time fireworks are up in the sky they whizzing and banaing and
making a scene of lovely …people are oute in the town they’re laughing and
dancing and clapping their hands to listen music and fav bands
write the dates when the person was born and died
حل وحدة family and friend 6 الثانية
louies was born frane had on accident and went blind whene
… he was ten he went to a school for blind children
today you’re all explores
قصة يوم عاصف في البحر
they are marked on the map you have three hours the end the group with the flags wins
tonya street grew up on grand cayman island
the middle of the caribbean
the sport was child she loved being in the sea and she spent was child
she also liked diving deep down into the ocean to sea lif
if you like chocolate you will love takes place in october every in perugain
the gilroy is one of the largest food takes place every yeat in girloy
من محتوى الدروس وقت المهارات skills time

هل هناك خطأ في الكتاب ابلغ

في الادراة الجديدة لموقع حلول لن يتم اعتماد نظام التعليقات سنعتمد على نظام الكشف عن الاخطاء في حالة العثور على خطأ في الكتاب نرجوا ابلاغنا ملاحظاتكم مهمة لنا
يتم تشغيل الموقع حاليا عبر احد المعاهد بمكة المكرمة نرجوا من الله التوفيق والسداد

لن يتم نشر عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني.