FullBlast 3

The students on Beacon are 14-19 years old
They do the same subjects as other secondary
schools like Maths, Geography, etc. but they also learn about sailing.
Beacon is a great school.
My favourite subject is Modern Art, but I love sailing, too. It’s great fun! The facilities on
Beacon are excellent. My favourite place is the art room. At the end of the school day,

Officer Excuse me, what exactly happened
Mr Andrews I’m not sure. I live in that house over
there. I just saw the boy. He was lying
on the pavement and his knee was
bleeding, so I called for an ambulance.
Officer Did a car hit the boy?
Mr Andrews I really don’t know. Is he OK now?
Officer The boy? Yes, he just hurt his back and
his knee.
Officer Excuse me, did you see the accident?
Jake Yes. The boy was skateboarding on the
pavement. Suddenly, I saw the car.
Officer Where were you?
Jake I was walking on the other side of the street.
Officer Was the driver going fast?

3. Where is your favourite place to have a meal?
a. At an expensive restaurant, of course!
b. At home. Home-cooked food is better and healthier
than food in restaurants.
c. At a friend’s house. It’s free and I don’t need to cook.
How do you feel about it?
a. It’s a big problem. I don’t want everyone to know
everything about my life.
b. It’s perfect. You make lots of friends this way.
c. It’s useful when you need some help but sometimes
it’s a bit annoying.

هل هناك خطأ في الكتاب ابلغ

في الادراة الجديدة لموقع حلول لن يتم اعتماد نظام التعليقات سنعتمد على نظام الكشف عن الاخطاء في حالة العثور على خطأ في الكتاب نرجوا ابلاغنا ملاحظاتكم مهمة لنا
يتم تشغيل الموقع حاليا عبر احد المعاهد بمكة المكرمة نرجوا من الله التوفيق والسداد

لن يتم نشر عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني.